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Sponsorship team expects a family of four from Iraq to arrive shortly — 12 Comments

  1. To the person who posted the angry face …shame on you and your version of humanity. You should be welcoming everyone not just the ones you think belong in your own narrow world. I myself am proud and pleased to belong to a town that welcomes all people in need no matter where they are from.

  2. Congratulations Team JDF….. Time to end the conflict not of this families making! They are victims! Come together and welcome them in true Canadian/Sooke style! They are truly what Canadians are today. A family of victims, from a war torn land, seeking a safe place to live. Imagine your own family in this kind of crisis and what they have already been through. Would you not wish for someone, anyone to help you?

  3. I am so pleased to see the community of Sooke embrace this Iraqi family and give them a big welcome. It is not easy and it will take a great deal of work to help them get on their feet.
    I am a Canadian and as an artist, I made several trips to Iraq during the long sanctions years. One memory I have is driving in an old beat up car across the hot desert for hours and hours from Baghdad to Jordan. In the middle of nowhere, I came across a rest stop with a few little stands and a small building offering some food. On the wall inside of this dusty little building was a large photograph of the inner harbour of Victoria. I was stunned!
    The Iraqi people are a beautiful, loving and kind people. I hope I get to meet this family one day. I know that they will work hard to contribute to the community and Sooke will be a richer place because of them. Thank you…. to all the people who have worked so hard to make this happen.