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Stairs to boardwalk will remain closed for the summer — 19 Comments

  1. Our council and staff are a joke! Busy summer season with so many tourists visiting and they can’t even fix a staircase…Wow!
    Funny thing…they don’t tender out so many projects…but they are on this one…

  2. Nuts. Why are surveys needed just to fix a couple of stairs? What a waste of money and time.

  3. I understand they need to be replaced so do it!! How hard can it be to hire someone to get them done? I live on Murray Rd. and daily I see people walking down towards the boardwalk and then coming back! Is there a sign anywhere BEFORE you get to the stairs, telling people they’re closed?

  4. The town has under-estimated how popular the boardwalk is. I’m a Horne road resident and I love to see tourists spending time at boardwalk but I’m getting tired of directing traffic.

  5. Hopefully the District will hire a qualified contractor to do this job. The Sunriver Nature Trail at the button of Sunriver Way which which was supposed to be closed for 5 weeks last November actually took over 6 months to complete.

  6. Should get Trudeau to get his friends in China to make a pre-fab set of stairs for you. Chinese steel is very cheap and they pay no carbon tax. Ask Defasco in Hamilton. Ted

  7. Question for you – why has work come to a complete standstill on the new connector route to Westshore Parkway – and has been for some time now? Definitely NOT going to meet it’s projected opening when no one’s showing up to work on it 🙁

  8. There are a few small signs that no one reads until they’re AT the broken staircase. There is a larger sign that got installed 2 weeks ago which has a beige background and green text………Nobody reads it. Being a resident on Horne Road myself and watching license plates from everywhere, park, get the kids out, crabbing/fishing gear, strollers etc. only to pack it all up again and try and figure out where they are and where they need to be. It is just ridiculous that the District has yet again dropped the ball for Tourist Season.