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Still too distracted by your phone while driving? — 19 Comments

  1. I understand getting a ticket this large for people texting and driving
    Talking on the phone, not so much
    And getting a fine this large for using your GPS is absolutely ludicrous!
    I just got one of these tickets in Campbell River for using my GPS because I did not know which way to turn! I immediately went to the courthouse to fight the ticket! I suggest everyone who gets one of these tickets for using their GPS do that.
    So from now on when I’m driving I’ll have to just be holding a map, because that safer I guess !!!???
    Next time you drive by a police car watch the officers operating their laptops and driving.

  2. ” but the reality is that sooner than later they will face the consequences of their actions ”
    Im sorry, but this kind of exaggeration is unnecessary.
    Im not condoning bad driving habits at all, but this kind of rhetoric dissuades nothing

  3. What about built in gps to the car? Or using the hands free device on your dashboard? Do the rules apply to the cars built on devices ?

  4. So does this mean we can’t have our phones and GPS through the car’s blue tooth? I just touch a button on my steering wheel to call or answer the phone and then I speak through the car’s speakers. Is that considered distracted driving?

    And someone told me the other day that you can no longer have a cup of tea while you drive. Is that correct?

  5. yikes using earbuds is distracted !
    this i have never heard of i see this often especially new drivers because the vehicle is unable to play music
    or maybe the music that is liked

  6. I got a ticket last year sitting at a stop light and texting. I’m sorry but don’t tell me that’s dangerous?! And btw I went to court and got off 🙂

  7. There is only one thing you should be doing while driving. That one thing is DRIVING. Just got rear ended at a stop light recently by a distracted driver. He was making tea. As a result my wife is having neck and shoulder issues. Judging by the comments on this post most people still don’t get it.