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Stuck behind a snow plow? Here’s what you should do — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the advice on snow plows and passing rules. I have a question though.
    What do you do if you have the choice of three lanes to drive on and the snow plow is only on the right hand lane and there are no sign of other snowplows in the two clear lanes on the left ahead?
    The two lanes to the left of the snow plow were clear and everyone was driving on those and passing the “very” slow snow plough. It seemed logical to use the other lanes. We saw this on the Cochahala highway this past winter. Everyone used the other two lanes which were wide and clear.
    Would that have been ok to do? Technically everyone was “passing” the snow plow …but the lanes were clear and it seemed odd to sit behind the slow moving snow plow.
    I’d love to hear the rule on this. (Thanks)