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Stumped by the post? — 15 Comments

  1. Nope. It’s a case of dumb leading dumber. This will now be a cost over run and will take 4 supervisors to scratch there hard hats while they figure out what went wrong.

  2. it is certainly silly, but as another sharp eye says, there is a ramp at the other end for wheel chair and other mobility issue folks to use. What I am commenting about is the absurd idea that the bottom edge of the slope of the black tarmac is lined up with the bottom corner of the white concrete slab..making the top edge of the slope of the black tarmac inset from the top corner of the white concrete slab. Anyone with some life experience will note that this in itself is a much worse safety hazard for wheel chairs AND walkers alike. Just absurd and dumb rushed job..don’t blame any politicians here folks..blame the contractor who should redo this rushed bad job. While they are at it they can surely angle that one ramp to have the greater portion on the backside of the pole moved to the front of it for better pedestrian and mobility limited access to boot. I love the idea of these bus stops added for all our enjoyment and ease of commute but the contractor clearly leaves a lot to be desired.

    • and if it is municipal/city/regional or provincial employees: smarten the heck up, sincerely one of your wage payers.

  3. Wow… You know your community has real issues to deal with right? How the hell is a hydro pole in a sidewalk a news story? Talk about weak journalism