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Successful HeroWork.com application could overhaul Sooke’s Community Hall — 10 Comments

  1. So what percentage of the money goes to this Herowork company?? Why don’t we use a local contractor? These crowd fund things always take so much money!

  2. It’s a great old building, but it’s just that: old. I don’t think it’s met the needs of the community (as a whole) in some time; but that’s not really anyone’s fault. Over the years the concept of a community centre changes just as the community does/has.

    It reminds me a lot of the “Scout Hall” that my troop used while growing up, especially the layout. While it was somewhat functional it no longer met the needs of it’s users and was replaced with something a lot more functional that multiple groups could use. It was like someone took EMCS’s gym, added a stage to the end (like sooke elementary), the multi-function rooms from SeaParc, the Council chambers from the District, public washrooms, the various support rooms at CASA and rolled it all into one community centre. It was used by everyone, from scouts and girl guides to the seniors group to the food bank to youth and adult sports groups, yoga groups and everything in between. I think something along those lines would be useful in Sooke.

  3. A replacement of this structure would be more in keeping of today’s youth as well as seniors needs and demands. The central location is good but requires more available parking as well. Please go back to the drawing board.

  4. Well the conversation has started.. What if, after we build the new Library on the property behind the Western Foods mall, we sell the Community Hall and the old Library and build a new Community Hall beside the new Library for seniors any youth! ta da!

  5. This is a project that all of the people in Sooke should totally support instead of talking about getting rid of the building!!

  6. It would be a crying shame to replace that awesome building. Renovate and update. I was raised in Sooke and the Community Hall was the centre of so very many occasions. Remember the times bus loads is visitors came for Mini All Sooke Days? The many many basketball games and won by Sooke teams? Sooke Fall Fair has been held there since it’s conception! I could go on and on.
    Keep the building !!