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Sunday is last day to provide input on Highway 14 Corridor Improvements — 2 Comments

  1. It’s absurd that a town of 13,000 has only one two lane road to the outside world.

    The road is so congested as it is now – what will it be like in 5 – 10 years if we don’t act immediately?

    And there’s nothing even on the drawing board. The existing road needs to be four lanes, and an alternative route should also be in the works. How about an inland road to Shawnigan Lake for up island traffic? That would divert a lot of traffic going through Langford.

    We pay the highest gas prices in North America here in BC, and a lot of that is taxes. It’s time some of that money was spent here in Sooke.

  2. What is really ridiculous is the dumbest place for a crosswalk, which is not visible until one is right on top of it and there is no warning.I never cross at that spot as it isn’t the common sense spot to cross. I wait until it is safe to cross , as normal folks will do, but now a crosswalk with no real warning, no light on a 60k plus thouroghfare, and i’m not suggesting lowering the speedlimit, you see the crosswalk when you are almost on top of it. I stood back from the crosswalk about 3 weeks ago, waiting for a safe time to cross, when suddenly a woman slammed on her brakes to let me cross and the fellow behind her came so close to rear end her it , I covered my head and turned so as not to be impacted. I’ll never use that crossing again. Puts drivers and walkers at risk. Yesterday my grandson and his friend were waiting to cross at the crosswalk, when a woman noticed the crosswalk, stopped, and another vehicle behind her , not aware, slammed on his brakes and the driver behind him,also not aware of what was happening slammed into the middle truck. Fortunately no one was injured and my grandson and friend had not entered the crosswalk as they know to wait until it is safe to cross. This could have been a serious accident and my grandson and his friend injured or worse, and the young fellow who hit the truck had no idea what was going on as there is no warning of crosswalk and you can’t see it. There are some signs before in bright yellow about a walk , but he crosswalk itself has a plain white sign, amongst the dozen or so of other highway signs in that vicinity.
    Power is there for lights , but no lights. Why in the world the crosswalk would be painted in and operational before a light was installed is beyond me. Warning, do NOT cross at that crosswalk. You endanger yourself and others.
    We need more laybys on the highway and eventually another opportunity to come behind 17 mile house and down and onto the goose . This would be a road with two lanes and an opportunity to circumnavigate an accident on either road. We can not continue to hold people captive on Sooke Rd.
    The stress on folks is so great , that many are moving to Langford. Not because the road is bad, but because if there is an accident they can be held up, literally , for hours, with children waiting to be picked up or home alone, or people trying to pick up their loved ones, young and old from ferries or airports without any opportunity to contact them. I know this as many times I have directed folks during an accident or fire . Need to know where to eat, get fuel, way around, contact, etc.