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Supreme court rules in favour of logging company Teal-Jones — 12 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if trees start getting spiked again like in the past. it’s a whole sale slaughter to our forests, and no one listens because of the all mighty dollar.

  2. Want to help visit Friends of Carmanah/Walbran. Write a letter to John Horgan, or minister of forests. You can find others to write to as well. Join hundreds of other voices. It gets there attention.

    • Please do contact John Horgan regarding this urgent matter. As of yet, he has chosen to not respond to countless queries and pleas regarding this logging of the Walbran. If anybody has any luck getting a response from him, I for one would be glad to hear of it. Thanks.

  3. I was there, attended the hearing. The Wilderness Committee lawyer did nothing to adjourn or quash the application for an extended injunction. In fact, their lawyer offered the Judge the very terms for the extended injunction which she in the end did grant, ie. until March 31. On several occasions throughout the hearing, the judge even asked him for clarification: “So you are okay with the injunction, just not with the terms?” And his reply: “Yes, m’Lady.”
    Further, the lawyer for the WC could have raised the matter of the illegal road blockade on Bugaboo, effectively closing access to the Walbran Park from Port Renfrew. Funny, though–not a mention. And when Marlene Simmons took the stand to offer her heartfelt pleas as defense, again no take up.
    So the Wilderness Committee clearly had but one stake in this case, and that was to clear their name, and that of their Director, Torrance Coste, from being targeted (sued) in the injunction. That they managed handily.
    In my opinion, the WC should clarify that their role in this effort is limited and circumscribed by their charitable ngo status, ie. they are not in position to actually defend the Walbran from old-growth logging as that would contravene their charitable “apolitical” status.