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Take-aways from Mar 21 Special Council Meeting — 2 Comments

  1. For Clarification, my proposal was that $400,000 come from the playing field reserve fund and $300,000 come from the community gas tax reserve fund. The motion was passed in support of the $400,000 from the playing field reserve only.
    Also for clarification purposes, local governments are bound by the community charter and local government act, which clearly stated that No councillor can receive any new information after a public hearing has been held on a bylaw. 🙂

  2. So.. am I to understand that the $400 000 that was for a complete playing field in Sunriver, including land, public seating stands, parking, playing fields, soccer nets, baseball diamonds etc. Is now disappearing and turning into fake lawn for another field that is already in operation? Just for Clarification. Part of the Sunriver development was that we would have this for our kids. Snot right that council can take this away.