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Takeaways: Special Council Meeting, August 29, 2016 — 5 Comments

  1. I would really like to hear what Councillor Kasper accomplished during his extended time as Director. Considering the fight he put up to keep the job (and money), I’m sure he must have done wonderful things in the last couple of months. Its hard to believe the elected Mayor couldn’t have done the job. I remember quotes from him saying he was voted as replacement by other Councillors and he isn’t giving it up even when the Mayor returns from having her baby. I think he should be banned from filling in as temporary Mayor ever again!

  2. Did anyone notice that E. Logins didn’t excuse herself from voting for $$ that went to her mother’s organization? Clearly she isn’t trustworthy to have ethics either! Disappointing!

    • Interesting. This is a question I was going to ask, however saying, “she isn’t trustworthy to have ethics either”, implies she isn’t trustworthy about things other than ethics. I have been impressed with her, and I think you have gone too far with this statement, when simply saying it was wrong of her to vote would have been sufficient.