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Teresa Sullivan is the new CAO for Sooke — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Britt, here’s my Facebook post: “Oil-spill emergency response, tourism opportunities, our shabby (and not likely to be replaced) x-ray facility and Community Grant funding cuts for arts groups dominated last night’s lively, well-attended COW meeting, yet the most significant news was the introduction of Teresa Sullivan as the District’s new Chief Administrative Officer. She arrives at an interesting moment: roundabout complete, investment in the town core poised for at least a mini-boom now that the infrastructure’s improved, Harbourside Cohousing opening its doors next month … and the Greater Victoria Development Agency now onside as a new collaborative partner to begin putting us more creatively on the South Island map in ways that we (i.e., the Official Community Plan) want us to be placed. Here’s the District’s press release on Ms. Sullivan’s hiring via the Sooke PocketNews. Not mentioned is that she was most recently campaign manager for Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada candidate Shari Lukens (whom she sat alongside on Colwood council circa 2011-14; one of their colleagues was Judith Cullington, campaign manager for Frances Litman – Green Party). Neither does the release tell us of the hiring process, but I do trust Mayor Tait, several councillors and senior District staff were all involved. (I’m sure Councillor Kerrie Reay absented herself given that she’s riding president for the Esquimalt Saanich Sooke Conservatives.) Anyway, welcome to Ms. Sullivan, stepping into big administrative shoes filled over the last 15 years by the departing Gord Howie (thanks for the public service and, given that he’s a member of the Ekoos ensemble, the songs), Evan Parliament, Peter Jmaeff, Tom Day and David Gawley.

    • Thank you, Jeff. Exciting times for Sooke. Mayor and Council have found a responsible balance between economic development and respecting green space and the natural beauty of the wild west coast. I look forward to introducing myself to the community. I’ve worked with the provincial Socreds, NDP, Liberal Party as well as the CPC and many stakeholders – both private, non-for-profit and public sectors. I had a wonderful experience sitting with Colwood City Council from 2011 to 2013. Mayor and six Councillors who respected one another who chose to ‘get2yes’ (my twitter hashtag). I am proud of the work I’ve done and look forward to getting to know you better.

      • Google is a great tool for research. I think the community has been deceived with the hiring process. A definite conflict of interest and I guess Council just said “yes”.