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The beloved roundabout in Sooke coming along — 25 Comments

  1. It seems like the only advantage to it is getting in and out of Evergreen Mall. I’m mystified as to why they didn’t put it between the two major malls so you could access both of them from the one roundabout. It just seems like more bad planning.

    • Maybe some people are missing the point of the new roundabout. Yes, it will surely ease vehicle access to/from Evergreen Mall, but it’s about more than that.
      The roundabout has four entry/exit points in total…. Evergreen Mall, Sooke Road/West Coast Road, and Brownsey Boulevard which will eventually be a main access route down to Sooke Basin and along the waterfront. So, the Sooke town centre will open up the waterfront to the public by virtue of the Brownsey boulevard. Brownsey Boulevard’s name came from a pioneering family in Sooke who operated a store at the intersection.
      It’s all part of the town core development plan that has been publicised for a few years now. Tak interest in your city and look to the future, not the past!

  2. One accident and we’re all stuck. How long before that happens?? Not long. And it doesn’t look like trucks will be able to drive over it. Perhaps that is my lack of engineering knowledge and it’s coming but again… how long before we’re trapped and blocked by an accident b/c people can’t use roundabouts correctly?

  3. IMO the real problem: there is no “downtown” in Sooke; everything planned for cars, parking lots, not pedestrians; ugly gas stations interrupt flow; drive-up McD’s takes up space and smells from rancid oil; whole area not conducive to walking, window-shopping, etc. Nothing feels connected. The roundabout won’t solve this problem.

  4. The round about is a great addition and should help people get to where they are going easier. I give full marks to the workers and the planners who are taking on this task. Amazing progress despite the hurdles of keeping traffic moving.
    I also agree with the comment that Sooke could work harder to create more interesting area for shoppers who like to window shop. The malls could work on that. More green spaces and more trees for example.
    But overall, Sooke is an amazing place. Very exciting town that everyone should be proud of.
    Congratulations to the mayor etc.

  5. really looking forward to going around a half circle just to be stopped in the middle of it by traffic lined up from the traffic light 100 metres down the road.

  6. I am impressed with how it’s going but I do wish the flaggers would remember the road goes “both ways”??? Today we sat and sat and sat in the left turn lane watching as the traffic came from the “beloved” roundabout to Otter Point road and beyond but for 7 “light changes” nothing moved the other direction, there were cars stuck in the intersection with no hope of moving??? We finally went through the intersection[instead of turning] turned into the back door of Village Market and out by the Credit Union!! When the traffic is stalled like that you can’t expect anyone to stop to shop???

  7. It’s a highway !!!!!!
    We don’t need circles in the middle of a highway.
    I think the first accident will get everyone to realize how BAD of an idea this roundabout is.

  8. Hi Folks. While my comments are not about the round-about, I am looking forward to its finalization with fascination! But more importantly, I need to make a comment about the newly paved and renovated Sooke Road. I believe the work is now complete.
    I am a nurse, I live in Sooke near Kemp Lake. I work evenings and travel from Sooke to Victoria 4 nights out of a week. Sunday to Wednesday. In those four evenings I need to leave Sooke around 10:30 pm. While driving on the newly paved roads on Sooke Road and what I have to deal with is quite dangerous in that as I’m driving 60 I find myself being tailgated by those who desire to go 80. ( the speed limit is 60) As a consequence of that I’m usually forced to pull over which I do for my own safety as well as other drivers. The problem is this. The dividing lines on the newly paved highway are NOT distinct making it very dangerous especially when it is raining and very dark as it often on that road. One can barely make out the lines and I’m prepared to tell you that I’m not the only one who is concerned about this dangerous situation! When you have someone tailgating you on this road there will come a day when someone is going to get killed or there will be on some dark,rainy , evening a horrendous accident ! I would really appreciate if someone could give me a name of those in charge of the new highway to see if a more definite, easy to see dividing line could be painted on this road. One night I almost ended up in the ditch because someone decided he wanted to pass me and I tried to pull over or find a safe spot to do so. I could barely see the dividing lines also and was completely disoriented. I’ve been driving on this road for almost 5 years now at night. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Regards to all Sooke late night travellers or workers who need to travel into Victoria.

    • Sue, Britt here, publisher of Sooke PocketNews. You have a very valuable comment here and I’m wondering if I can run it separately as a Letter to the Editor as well, to give your thoughts the attention they deserve. Let me know!

  9. Hi, I’m back again. I have the highest respect for our RCMP here in Sooke. However, in the five years I’ve been travelling in the late evening on Sooke Road in order to get to work ~ not once have I seen a police car monitoring the traffic and stopping those who are speeding , some at 100 and recklessly. ! Not once in the dark and dangerous late evenings on Sooke Road.
    Respectfully yours, S