Have you authored a book and you live in Sooke?

We will post your book cover here and link it to a sales site. We appreciate that publishing a book is largely self-funded, and this is therefore a free service to our local authors. Contact us for more information!

Sooke-Authored Books

Locally authored books

Awakening: Book One of the Legacy of the Creators.

This is a fantasy/romance novel by Marion Eastwood.

Five lives are tied to a terrible fate. Called upon to fight the darkness trying to consume their world, the Children of the Dragons are born again to stop their ancient foe from annihilating all life. In a race to recover their lost memories, these five souls are forced to face their darkest fears and deepest secrets. Will it strengthen their resolve to finally bring an end to the tyranny of Gathlan? Or will they crumble under the weight of their own weaknesses?

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Bracing for Impact

The Circle Island Short Story Collection, Volume I, by Janet Kitto


Joy Thompson Easy on the Eyes book