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The notion of a perpetual business licence nixed for Sooke — 4 Comments

  1. So why do we pay for a business licence when nothing is done in return? How is it lost taxes when it goes into general revenue just to be wasted away? #mismanagement

  2. As a legitimate business who operates in all of the crd I find that my $100 a year for a inter municipal license is more than a fair price. It allows me to carry all of my insurances to protect both my customers and myself. Where the funds go after I give them to the district makes no matter to me.

  3. I have no problem paying an annual license fee. I would like to see the license funds allocated to community business development instead of general revenue. Further i support hiring an economic development officer.

  4. I thought Mayor and council would have decided to stay out of the business license thing after the last fiasco of granting a license when they didn’t have the power to do it. Anyone can start up a business here without a license. Other Municipalities who have licenses have kicked out the pot shops, anyone can sell pot here in Sooke.