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POLL: The single most important safety improvement that Highway 14 needs — 27 Comments

  1. 2 lanes all the way , so those driving the speed limit and adjusting their driving to reflect road conditions , are no longer harassed by the invincible Yahoo tailgaters with a death wish.

  2. sad to say accident are caused on that road from people driving slow and people behind get annoyed and try and pass in dangerous spots or blow passed them … maybe passing lanes would be nice in certain spots !

  3. The road is not bad if u know how to drive it .it’s the drivers who are slow and unsure make it hard . If there was two lanes and wider there would be less problems.the unsure drivers can stay to the right .

  4. Lighting and the glow in the dark lines others have mentioned. If you put in two lanes people will drive faster, there will be more head on accidents and you’ll end up needing dividers just like the Malahat. Is an alternate route even possible? LRT?

  5. Lights and those little “cats eyes” that road is so dark at night especially in stormy weather…you can’t really see any definition of which lane you are in!

  6. More lighting, better paint and yellow reflectors in middle with white reflectors embedded on the shoulders would be a huge improvement…The road is too black at night especially in the rain…

  7. Lighting and current generation high-visibility lines/lane markers.

    Lower speed limits would be both ridiculous and ignored, just as 60 (which is too low) is ignored today.

  8. The road lines totally disappear at night, especially in the rain.
    Need better lighting as well.
    Straighten some of the curves and provide some passing lanes, or pullout spots for slow drivers to let people by when vehicles are piling up behind them.

  9. I think lighting would go a long way. For someone who just moved to Sooke and has to commute into Victoria every day I think people need to slow down and be considerate of others on the road. I have never driven a highway with more accidents on a weekly basis. Regularly I see people passing others around a curve at night in the pouring rain. It makes no sense to me when I am then pulling up behind you at the lights in Sooke. You gained nothing but are gambling with alot. Just my opinion.

  10. Better paint so you can see it on a dark rainy night like they have everywhere else. I heard they just use recycled paint on our road and I can believe it. Also, rumble strips because drivers can’t seem to stay between the lines.

  11. Honestly the drivers are the only problem I have with the road. People with high beams on, people tailgating, people driving far too slow and afraid of corners braking constantly.

  12. The road needs to be 2 lanes each way… The volume of traffic has increased substantially , so the road is no longer efficient or safe with the curerrent volume. Lighting or lines etc will not help to move the traffic safely or handle the current volume of cars using ths road.

  13. Retro reflective painted lines, and solar lit cats eyes reflectors. There is no problem with daytime driving on this road. Roads are not dangerous, its the human condition and human action, while behind the wheel of an automobile, that can become dangerous.