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The SPN’s Happiness Index for Sooke is set at solid C, or Adequate — 2 Comments

  1. I missed it somehow, but that was a really awesome survey. Thank you for publishing the results.
    What stands out for me is that overwhelmingly we feel goood about our lots in life and also important is the reminder that there are a significant minority who are suffering. It is refreshing, believe it or not, to see that the community at large is roughly 50/50 on having more than 5 ‘friends’. Mental health issues of every variety can cause overthinking and hyperinflation of critical thoughts….like our self worth and where we fit in socially. I am happiest with a smaller circle of very close friends and larger circles of aquaintances/family/coworkers and friendly faces..but I know that a lot of folks can get mired down in a bad perspective on their own circumstances. It is good, in my opinion, to see that it is perfectly normal to see folks self reporting that they have less than 5 friends. I hope that anyone suffering from depression who may be an introvert like me here in SOoke will read this and find that we are all the same, and we are all equal to each other. Great article, thank you.