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The value of age, experience and ethnic diversity in working women — 3 Comments

  1. Britt, you’re a remarkable person, brilliant and a community asset appreciated by many
    You’d be an huge asset to any business or enterprise you associate with.
    This personal narrative is revealing and worthy of sharing with others as I am doing
    Best wishes. Thank you for your community contributions and goodwill.

  2. Britt: I think you have the intelligence to fill any position that in almost any area, technology or Government you have a good Sense of humour and would be an asset in a position where good common sense was a large requirement. I have passed the age of anything more then volunteering, fortunately my needs are few so keep myself busy helping others.
    I think you are providing an essential Service in Sooke and the Western area. Your daughters are receiving a gift of their Mom!
    Carry on Girl, proud to have known you!

    • Thanks Loretta, I’m inclined to agree. Others, however, disagree with you and me. Weird, right? I consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with a soul as gentle and kind and creative as you. Keep on changing the world in your wonderful way, Loretta, and I will be there cheering you on!