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There are 60 fires of note in BC right now — 18 Comments

  1. It might get boring for some, but it’s jaw-dropping how many people still think it’s okay to have beach fires and open backyard burns.

  2. Britt: this isn’t boring. There are still boneheads walking amongst us who do not understand the principles of extreme dry, flames and critical. Keep reminding everyone and thank you for this posting

  3. This is the kind of message that needs to be hammered home consistently, over and over. I don’t mind one bit! For every informed reader it’s one less potential fire.

  4. Between the algae bloom, extreme drought and forest fires, this is going to be one long summer. Be safe out there, and to the Admin of this page thanks for keeping us up to date.

  5. Someone possibly has an open burn right now along the Galloping Goose near Lombard in Metchosin…so obviously the message isn’t clear enough for some imbeciles.

  6. This will only get boring when there are no more people causing avoidable fires. Until then please keep it up. I will keep sharing your posts.