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Three arrested for mischief at Premier’s residence in Langford — 4 Comments

  1. I am very tired of “Activists” who impose their views on others through illegal actions such as occurred here and is also occurring across the country. Many of these groups represent themselves as supporting First Nations, but are in fact, using them to further their own ends.

  2. I absolutely agree with Sid.
    Back East, American activists were bussed into Canada at Niagara Falls.
    All of these “activists” are unemployed people who have naught to do with any First Nations people, imo they are paid by George Soros to disrupt Canada. How many belong to Antifa and are violent to poeple and property.
    CN and VIA Rail are laying off hundreds of people right now, crossings to/from Canada and the USA have been shut down, including Amtrak between Bellingham and Vancouver.
    The blockades on Highway 19 are dangerous to drivers.
    Most tribes on the pipelines route have approved the pipeline, and we have to respect their decision, even if we don’t agree with it.
    More than 60 shipping barges and ships are sitting offshore of BC waiting to deliver their cargo. Shortages will begin across Canada.
    On top of that is the coronavirus emergency.
    The federal government and the provincial governments need to step in, and the RCMP and police need to do their jobs to enforce the law.
    Blocking entrances to government buildings like the Legislature should not be tolerated.
    Attempting to “arrest” Premier Horgan at his home is an outrage.

  3. In contrast to the above posts, I’ll comment that most of the peaceful demonstrations across the country have been orderly and effective grassroots events. The three demonstrators who went to Horgan’s home were out of line. He can be approached at his constituency office or at the legislature.