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Throne Speech: BC Liberals adopt a center social stance — 14 Comments

  1. Or, like so many other politicians across all spectrums, be saying what need to say to save their asses. Don’t fool yourself, a politicians job is to get reelected; nothing else.

  2. One plus for this throne speech is that so much of it was built from planks in both the NDP and Green Party platforms that Horgan’s GreeNDP throne speech is mostly crafted.

  3. There are too many entitled people out there that have no problem voting themselves deals with absconded money from the next generation. Investing in the site C dam or damn depending on your prospective, at least is something the next generation can use for electricity or water storage in the future. Buying in brick and mortar stores instead of on-line would be the biggest boost to the BC economy and to voters across all parties.