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Tick-tock: No time like the present to check your pet for ticks — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve removed over a hundred ticks throughout the years and have tried everything. I have bought every contraption there is to remove ticks. Now, this is only my opinion but the best way to remove ticks that I have learned is as follows.

    A very simple and effective method for removing ticks is to completely expose the tick and the area around it. Get some very strong thin thread or fine fishing line. Tie a length into a small loop and place the loop over the tick’s body. Slowly cinch the loop tightly around the head of the tick. Now, this part is important. Cinch it right where the tick’s mouth is attached to the skin. Once the loop is cinched tight, very tight. With one hand firmly clasping each end of the line. Pull each end evenly to the sides and opposite of one another, forming a V-shape with the line. Then gently pull upwards, slow and steady until the tick is removed. You’ll be very surprised at how firmly them nasty fellas grab a hold.

    If the attached tick is laying flat against the host’s skin. It means the tick has recently attached itself and should remove easily. If the attached tick is sticking upright, it’s been there for some time and may likely be attached very deep. This is the riskiest stage at removing all of it, so be warned. If the tick is sticking straight upright, is pale in colour, shiny and fully engorged like a balloon ready to burst. It’s been there for over a week and is ready to drop off.

    If you don’t sew or fish then you can have a look at this little device. The same technic as mentioned above but in a handy pen style. You push down on the top button like a ballpoint pen and a spring-loaded, thin nylon loop protrudes out the other end. You apply the same principle as I mentioned above and there you have it. When I use the pen I hold the blue button to pull the tick off. It’s called a TRIX Tickremover and can be found at http://www.Tickremover.com You can also buy them at MEC.