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Tim Hortons at Evergreen Mall: still a tentative prospect — 4 Comments

  1. Disappointed to hear of the Tim Horton’s Proposal for Evergreen Mall still on drawing board. This space could be attractive with boutiques, a cafe with outdoor seating which is on the sunny side of the street and still provide for necessary parking for the mall which is becoming more congested daily. Let’s look at making the approach to center town more appealing rather than the standard Subway, mcD.’s, Tim’s which residents and tourists alike might be more attracted to.

    • In fairness, the development plan was passed. It’s just worth noting that the developer did indicate that they would bail if the pipes got too costly. They wanted limits set on scope, where as the bylaw states they are on the hook for the entire upstream catchment area. We’re trying to find out exactly what the parameters for that are.

  2. What with 2 Tim Hortons and 4 marijuana shops and a dwindling supply of rainforests, perhaps a slogan change is in order. I suggest instead of “where the rainforest meets the sea” we try “where the weed meets the donut”. Now that should draw the tourists.

  3. where are people going to park? in general I am against another fast “food” outlet instead of replacing what was originally there, mixed use 2 story building. Sooke will look like Langford in no time.