This is a living document, meaning that it can be updated and improved at any time.

Subscriber’s terms of reference

As of January 1, 2019, Sooke PocketNews has a subscription component. Only members who subscribe will be able to receive the SPN newsletter, emailed daily. You can opt out at any time.

Subscribers agree to the following terms of reference:

  • Subscribers are welcome to submit fundraisers for promotional consideration (GoFundMe’s, etc)
  • Subscribers are welcome to comment on articles that are open to comments.
  • Do not share your account access information (your username and password) with anyone.

SPN Advisory Committee

Subscribers who have concerns or issues with SPN can contact the SPN Advisory Committee, and arms-length group of business people in Sooke who assist with the development of policy at SPN. Members consist of:

  • Diane Bernard, founder of Seaflora
  • Lorna Danylchuk, founder of Your Perfect Gift
  • Gwen Fisher, founder of Pure Elements
  • Susan Jones, founder of WebMax
  • Benjamin Kendrick, founder of Meanwhile in Sooke

Email   advisors @ PocketNews .ca   (remove the spaces) to reach the committee

We also ask that you familiarize yourself with the SPN Policies.