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Sooke: (Tweets using the hashtag #bchwy14)

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Traffic Cams, updated every time you refresh your screen

Hwy 14 at Lazzar Rd near Sooke, looking east. (elevation: 22 metres)

Sooke: Hwy 14 at Lazzar Rd near Sooke, looking west. (Elevation: 22 metres.)

Sooke: Sookeahalla, Suyer Road, Hwy 14, between Langford and Sooke near Suyer Rd, looking east. (elevation: 123 metres)

Sooke traffic

Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd, looking east. (elevation: 85 metres)

Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd, looking west. (elevation: 85 metres)


Sooke: Admirals-McKenzie – E, At Hwy 1 and Admirals (McKenzie St). Looking east. (Elevation: 40 metres)

Sooke: Admirals-McKenzie – W. At Hwy 1 and Admirals (McKenzie St). Looking west. (Elevation: 40 metres)

Hwy 14 near Cormorant Way/Trailhead Dr, looking east.

On the Twitter Tell-a-copter, updated every time you refresh your screen

Victoria: (Tweets using the hashtag #yyjtraffic)

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Visit regularly to find out about Sooke traffic.

  • Live tweets from the fire chief and the District of Sooke on the right
  • Live traffic tweets streamed below, underneath the web cams

Information on issue impacting Sooke commuters is current up-to-the minute.

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Sooke Traffic — 5 Comments

  1. 60 kilometres per hour or less from port renfrew to the sookahalla with no where to pass . Some corners you take a little slower, the rest of the way should be at least 70 k or more. Most of us enjoy freedom of movement and unfortunately if you can’t, pass road rage comes into play and drivers speed excessivle to pass and become an accident waiting to happen. Personally because of my age I can remember when provincial highway speeds were 70 M.P.H. Less stress and more practical.

    • “Road rage comes into play?” and you’re so helpless over your own emotions that you “become an accident waiting to happen,” huh?

      No, you’re making a CHOICE to take out your frustration on other people by driving dangerously, even though you know you may cause a crash.

      Most of the Sooke Road traffic is going 70 anyway. I don’t care if it’s two lanes, four, or six, it’s the people who think they’re entitled to flout the law, take everything personally, blame other people, blame the road, etc. who are the ones causing problems. And then to come on a page people check to find out if there’s been a crash, ranting about how the rest of us should get behind your dangerous driving? Seriously?

      The western communities are growing fast. There are houses, driveways, people walking to bus stops, schools, families with pets and kids living on both sides of the road. Next time you feel your road rage “coming into play” ask yourself how you’d live with yourself if you killed a little kid, and get a grip.

  2. Otter Point road is supposed to be 50 but you take your life into your own hands sometimes pulling out of a driveway or trying to cross the street to get to the mailbox. Would LOVE to see some speed traps out our way especially in the summer

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