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Transition Sooke casts concerns on Sooke’s proposed shopping plaza — 5 Comments

  1. What if we employ locally and keep people off the road. Work local ,stay local. Many on the road are shopping Langford.

  2. Both comment and article well said and must be given very serious thought and attention.

  3. I already have a plan to walk to the proposed plaza for purchases instead of driving to Langford.

  4. I am new to Sooke two years ago….I sure hope this mall is a go ahead. I drive to Langford for all shopping as Sooke offers very little and the prices in the grocery stores are much higher than what is offered in Langford….less traffic to Langford would certainly decrease the traffic problem not only for shopping but for work. I do realize that people that have lived here for a couple of decades or so do not want change but that thinking needs to change….the population is growing and there is less of the oldies but goodies residing in Sooke and that will increase as each year passes