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The truth is out there, and psychic Gabrielle Giet unveils two aspects of her worldview — 14 Comments

    • Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. It saddens me that others tune out their own physic nature. We are all connected in some way by some force or some energy. How you use yours is up to you. But don’t feel sorry for people who are at peace with themselves and want to learn more.

    • People are absolutely entitled to believe whatever they chose, i completely agree. Also people are completely free to spend their money however they wish. I feel these “seminars” are not at all about finding or achieving peace, or getting in touch with cosmic oneness. The $50 a head price tag shows you what the real intent is here. What saddens me is the thought of honest people seeking answers in life only to be taken by this obvious load of horse poop!

      • I have been to Gabrielle’s workshops. She is teaching people to find the answers they need for themselves. She believes everyone has psychic abilities and she teaches everyone how to access those skills more reliably.

  1. I find it hard to believe that people can open their wallet’s for material things which they really don’t need, but do because they just want it. Go ahead spend what ever you like, the merchants will love you forever. I rather spend my money to enrich myself with an open mind and learn to accept what I believe is the truth and not what someone tell me it is. You have that same option, it is for you to decide to use that opportunity and enrich your self. I don’t tell someone what to do, so I expect someone not to tell me either, so don’t criticize someone for something you don’t want to do!
    It is a privilege to learn more of what is out there.

  2. I really hope the negative comments listed above aren’t reflective of Sooke’s community. These workshops are held all over North America, Sooke should be lucky for the crowd it draws and its tourism dollars.

  3. Hmm, well, having read the previous comments, it encourages me even more so to continue the work of connecting with people of all different opinions and beliefs (or none) for the highest purpose of saving the human race on this planet Earth. No one can open another’s mind by force and so what is left to offer? The CHOICE to anyone and everyone who TRULY WANTS to live in their best and highest way possible. Gabrielle shares huge amounts of info. FREELY on her FB pages. My experiences of having gone to the workshops is to have connected in community and met others of like energy and some of different as well. IF you have all the information and you still do not resonate, then fine, but when people make snide and ignorant comments with malice thinly disguised as humour it is indicative of the ongoing fear based separation that is keeping our children from having a world of peace that requires acceptance, which requires being open minded and being responsible and adult enough to actually become educated in what you are saying, rather than talking out of your threatened ego. It’s way past the time to grow up and do our parts in getting along everyone. If not for yourself then for either your kids or someone else’s that you know and love.

  4. Well said Tatiana Evans, I totally agree!
    We owe it to ourselves to think outside the box to find the answers for the questions that elude us. Gabrielle has helped answer many questions and ease the fear of the unknown for me.I have had over a dozen family members pass on over the years.That alone has made me wonder about possibly. This is not all their is, give yourself a chance. Open your heart and mind to possibilities. It doesn’t hurt and we all have everything to loose.
    My wife and I both attended the workshops here in Sooke what an eye opener it was for us. It was realy nice to meet like minded people.
    We would like to say thank you to Sooke yoga for providing a wonderfully atmosphere of exceptance and positive energy.
    Thanks again to Gabrielle for all her personal sacrifice, we know it has not been easy. We love ya