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T’Sou-ke First Nation to Break Ground on New Tim Hortons / Petro Canada Development — 62 Comments

  1. If you are traveling, you’ve been on the road for an hour or more and are on your way up the coast or coming down the coast, it makes perfect sense to want to pull over at a convenient, known coffee shop, that has easy access, to take a break, fill your mug, grab a soup, have a bathroom break and hit the road. As great as Stick in the Mud is, it’s not convenient. Parking is poor. It’s a local coffee shop…for the town.

  2. Ya, I think it is going in down by the Saseenos school so they can get the morning traffic leaving town. Ya hope the local T’Sou-ke Nation gets the profits. Talk about bad coffee.. we still have Serious Coffee like acid in a cup.

  3. I’m afraid it will affect the shops too… tourists come into town looking for coffee and find the Stick and the shops… now they will just get their commercial coffee and head out

  4. We can not be afraid of more businesses in Sooke. The Stick is a nice place, i don’t go there but it is nice. Serious is a nice place, but I don’t go there, I do hit drivethru coffee every now and again and i WISHED FOR 8 YEARS to have a Tim’s to drive thru, I would love to go there. Good Luck T’Sou-ke FN in all your endeavours, but mostly in opening a Tims!

  5. The only business Tims is going to take is from McDonalds for coffee…theyre comparable. You cant compare the smaller coffee shops quality of coffee to fast food (for the most part)

  6. I’m not crazy about the big foreign-owned franchise, but I do have to admit, it was the right choice. Smart economic decision by the T’Souke Council.
    Sooke wouldn’t have supported another newly invented ‘local’ coffee shop nearly as much as they will a Tim Hortons. This will be a sure bet.
    I am a bit surprised, though, about another Petro-Can instead of an Esso (which is the usual Timmy gas station partner, in Vic at least)

    Will this benefit the District of Sooke, someone asked? Darn rights it will! Maybe not directly with land taxes or whatever, but indirectly, with a general flow of revenue added to the community as a whole, which trickles into other businesses, who pay taxes, etc, etc

    This is actually very huge, the more I think about it! The thousands and thousands of dollars that Sooke people spend at Langford Timmys will be staying here in Sooke! Yay! Small but significant economic shift…..
    Now, if we could only do that kind of shift with our grocery stores….

  7. I’m pretty sure Sooke’s population can sustain two actual coffee shops, a couple of bakeries that also sell coffee and a gas station that also has timmies. It will be just fine. A few years ago I would have been stoked but I’m not a fan of Tims anymore. But that’s ok. Others like Tims and that’s ok too lol. It will aaaaallll be fine.

  8. McDonalds still has the superior fast food brew between the two.. however if I am in Sooke, the best brew comes from a coffee pot in the form of PC West Coast Dark. Should make the morning commuters a little happier, however. You deserve whatever coffee you love if you are driving to town daily 😀

  9. I find it amazing that the opinions about Tim Hortons are so polarizing. Yet multiple illegal pot shops have opened in Sooke with far less reaction it seems. Only in Sooke.

  10. I’m not concerned with a Tim Horton’s coming to Sooke. From my understanding it is going to be located on the side rd where the old fish and chip place used to be just East of EMCS. It not going to be a stand alone coffee shop but rather an On the Run type linked to the gas station. What does concern me big time is what is going to be done about the traffic control necessary to deal with the increased comings and goings of traffic accessing these establishments. A bad situation will be made into a total nightmare if cars from there try to use Sooke River Rd as access back onto Sooke Rd or even they use that side road back onto Sooke Rd.Is there a plan for this? Does anyone have any details?

  11. Good luck to the franchise holder and to the band! A rising tide floats all boats, we just want more people looking for coffee, they will each end up where they belong. I hope this ends up having a positive impact on the band and for the town.

  12. Tim is just full of gluten and bad coffee. This will kill the non chain Coffee shops in sooke, the mom and pops. We don’t need it. It’s only going to make people fat.