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Tsunami alert – Juan de Fuca Emergency Services information update — 1 Comment

  1. Now that there has been this “dress rehearsal”, area residents can get involved in the emergency preparedness program. Juan de Fuca residents, do you know who your pod captains are? Are you registered for the Emergency Notification System? Do you know the evacuation route for your residence? Do you expect all this information to be given to you in the hours or minutes during an alert or event? If you think volunteers aren’t doing enough, would you consider joining the volunteer service?

    Director Hicks outlines the procedure followed for Tuesday’s tsunami alert. Two hours notice for evacuation seems reasonable for the West Coast Road. In Esquimalt, where there are many more people to move, perhaps two hours is not enough time. In Tofino, which is more exposed and closer to the epicentre, evacuation when the alert came through seemed reasonable. Again, just saying, if you didn’t like the response, find out what to expect from volunteers in case of accidents, storms, floods, fires, and seismic events and find out how you can help.