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Tsunami alert – Sooke Emergency Program information update — 9 Comments

  1. I was a 1st Aid responder involved in an all day mock earthquake drill including up to 150 people (a community school) and I was impressed at the efficiency from the emergency response team. They have an agenda to follow and were consciously focused and at the ready. Thanks for all your training.

  2. Yes, thats a hoot! Some people like Emergency signs and some thinks it doesn’t matter if it might save a life as long as it doesn’t reduce property values.
    It’s kind of like when everyone liked having marathons in Sooke where it brought hundreds of tourists to town but 3 people complained and it was banned.
    Seems like a disconnect with the new Chief. Our last one was at every community event and knew everyone in Sooke. Haven’t seen much of the new guy. Hope he listens to people and gets some way to let us know when the Big One is coming.