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Two motions calling for time to process defeated by Sooke Council — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t believe that Councillors are happy to be ignorant of the issues brought to them. Is this just over confidence or they just happy not to do their homework? Maybe this is a protectionist thing after incorrectly handing out business license to an unqualified business. These mistakes won’t be forgotten.

  2. An interesting insight into the thought processes of our elected representatives. Mayor Tait is certainly correct in pointing out that any Councillor can seek to table a motion with a view to giving it further consideration before a vote. Parkinson’s motion wouldn’t be necessary IF due diligence was exercised by Council. Arguably the expectation to table motions would be routinely viewed as appropriate when new or voluminous information is presented on short notice and “facts” need to be confirmed. The old adage: “trust – but verify” applies. I find it hard to believe that elected representatives could think otherwise. I expect our Council to make fully informed and considered decisions on our behalf. Ideally they make good decisions. The revealed arrogance of some that feel they don’t need to verify information, consult with staff, or give due consideration to large volumes of information tells me much. I’ll certainly keep this in mind next election.