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When a u-turn goes horrible wrong — 6 Comments

  1. I’m just curious if you really needed to add in brackets “hippies from Saskatchewan” it really did nothing to improve the story, could just be me tho 🙂

  2. I agree with Curtis Anthony, why did you have to add that in (hippies from Saskatchewan”? They were tourists from Saskatchewan. If they were of a different skin colour or race would you have added that in? Stereotyping is not a good thing, very negative. I’m sure these folks were very grateful for the help given to them. They’ll go home to the prairies and tell the story of those nice people in Sooke.

  3. Ha ha… I think that there really is such a thing as “Hippies”. Sometimes I call myself one from time to time. So maybe they really were hippies:) Anyway…it was a good story and I think Mr. Lambert can’t be all that bad of a guy because he took the time to write and give kudos to Westshore auto for helping those fine folks. I’d cut him some slack. (Perhaps all of us might be a little grumpy if people were always turning their cars around in front of our house). I loved this story and it’s why Sooke is such a special place!