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UFO sighting in Sooke! — 13 Comments

  1. There used to be lots of UFO sighting in the Mission area , you never know they could be real.

  2. I was doing a bit of research on Leech Town and I happened onto a few UFO reports as well as weird and odd events recorded in and around sooke. From what I hear and have experienced Sooke is a very interesting and energetic place.

  3. The moon! This is the first time ive heard of someone mention the moon…with a ufo. I definetly wasnt drinking nor on any kind of drugs. But about 10 to 15 years ago in esquimalt i was sitting enjoying the water…when something suddenly was darting around the sky…back and forth no turning around needed. Suddenly red lasers came out of it making a design in the sky. Then a red laser straight to the moon….leaving a red x on the moon. Lasting about 5min. Then the red lasers went away…it jolted fast to the right and went into a black line in the sky witch then all disapeared.
    Now that sounds crazy.
    .i always wonder about why the hell a red x was put on the moon. Now you mention a moon. I havent found any other people talking about ufos mention a moon.
    ive also seen few ufos in sooke bc…last night. You just need a clear night sky…and you need to be patient…watch one spot for a long time. Usually best between 2am and 6am!
    Look at where your stars are every night keep track. U will start to see lights that where not there before.
    I think some people dont see them cause there not patient enough and probebly always try ti make scence of everything. Oh thats just a drone…airplane…milatary flying stuff…street light ect.
    Just if u do see a ufo. Stop being so scared. Be patient.