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Upcoming council meeting may be a lively one — 4 Comments

  1. Very illuminating legwork, Britt. Thanks, indeed. It looks to me as tho the control of who may make public presentations to council is now in the hands of the duo of the CAO and CO rather than in the hands of the elected council and the CAO as it was previously. And the fact that the decisions of the CAO and CO to deny a presentation may only be overturned by a UNANIMOUS decision by council strikes me as a card-stacking mock offering. Also, the 12 month waiting period between public presentations on the same topic by a member of the public seems a tad unclear. Does this mean that a different member of the public may make a presentation on the same topic within those 12 months? I think I will attend the April 11th meeting. Better get there early, eh wot?

  2. Overruling the CAO should need ONLY a majority of votes, not a unanimous consensus. As written, all it takes is one council member to continuously side with the CAO to deny appeals of completely arbitrary denials. That’s wrong.

  3. But But.. when our fire service equipment falls below the level set out by the underwriters insurance for the District, we become liable and every home in Sooke will see a rise in insurance and some residences will become uninsurable. What is Councils plan to keep our equipment up to standard? They will be liable for suits from every home that has fire damage.

  4. We need to cut the Fire Departments budget back after recently announcing to borrow a bunch of money and raising taxes 5% a year because how else are we going to pay for the huge salaries of the CAO and CO and other administrators? Afterall, the Fire Department only benefits those who actually live in Sooke, not those government employees who live outside and commute into Sooke.