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LETTER: Update on clear-cut logging of old growth at Carmanah/Walbran — 4 Comments

  1. That forest has been in the making for 15,000 years. The last time there were no trees in the Walbran Valley was during the last ice age. Cut ’em down, truck ’em out, ship ’em away, split ’em up and then that 1000 year old cedar tree might be a shingle on a house for as many as 40 years.

    This region we live in, from Alaska down to the Redwood Forests and over to the continental divide is STILL a diverse and rich corner of the world. We still have forests and oceans and living lakes and rivers. We still have eagles and hawks in the air, killer whales in the sea, bears, cougars and wolves on land. Our living systems are still functioning but…But if we can not make a go of sustainability, if we in the richest corner of the temperate world can not make sustainability work then it probably can not be done by people. We are doomed if we absolutely must cut these last old growth trees and frack the last of that difficult fossil fuel and damn the last great river because we are also the wisest people and the most creative people ever to walk the earth. Let’s continue to walk this corner but let’s do it a little more thankfully and with a little less entitlement to conquering it.

    As for me and my house, we worship the land. Not the resources in it.

  2. Why they should even have a licence in place to log old growth beats me! Hopefully that wrong will be corrected before it too late!

  3. thanks, Darren. When will people look at a tree and see a living being instead of $ signs? For even more heartbreak, check out Briony Penn’s article about the Peace devastation in the Dec Focus Mag, the two side by side photos of before and after will make you cry. Clark & Co have already gone ahead and cut everything down. A big thanks to the folks who protested in Nanaimo including those fighting to protect Shawnigan Lake last week. LNG, Site C Dam, all kinds of wildlife and eco devastation, the completely unnecessary culling of innocent animals around the Province, it’s difficult to stay positive. Let’s hope things change in 2016. All the best…