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Update to SPN Readers, Britt will be out of commission for a week — 11 Comments

  1. I know they move you out of hospital quickly, but not sure a week away from SPN or the Chamber is enough time. Please take it slow and get off the meds ASAP. Do you have someone to help you at home? Thinking of you,I’m away up island until Sunday afternoon
    but shout at me if I canhelp.

  2. You will be missed Britt but take your time to recover and you’ll be back fighting fit before you know it.

  3. Good luck with your surgery and wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!

  4. Sending healthy, happy, humongous well wishes your way! Read you when you get back!

  5. Good luck for a great recovery and take time to treat yourself to something wonderful!

  6. Heal up fast and then… new freedom and mobility! Hope it all goes very well.

  7. I’ve had both knees done at RebalanceMD…you’re in good hands! .do your exercises as many times a day as you can tolerate.. it will take several weeks before your knee And brain both cooperate. Take your time, it’s major surgery and you just need to be a patient patient!

  8. Wishing you sunny days and a speedy recovery. We’ll get you out to play Pickleball yet Britt!! We have many members with new knees and hips! In July we’ll have new dedicated courts on Throup Rd thanks to SCA, Sooke Council, Home Hardware, (6K!) CRD and Rotary! Getting close to our goal. THANK YOU Sooke! https://gofund.me/049d1d18