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Updates on the cuts to education, Sooke District 62 — 2 Comments

  1. Financial Strategy 101: Turn non-productive assets into productive assets:

    There are real estate assets in SD62 that are “non-productive” and could be turned into cash with the right strategy, partnerships, and negotiating stance.

    We recommend taking a strong look at the balance sheet, especially site holdings. See the 2014/2015 Financial Statements — which show 207 million in tangible assets including 32 million sites. Land is valued at cost and thus a lot of value locked up there…http://www.sd62.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2015/10/Finance_2014-15_AuditedFinancialStatements.pdf

    Cutting labor cost is not the only way out of this dilemma.

  2. I feel it is about time for our government to STOP funding private schools! Our kids in the public education are losing ground very badly!! Did anyone see the testing results the past few years? Check them out, private schools are tops in BC. No wonder, they have a full education that includes the arts.

    I am not against private schools and if i could have afforded one, I would have paid but, I am not among the upper wage earners so my kids did the public system. I volunteered for PAC and in the classroom for 15 years to help where I could. One day I went to the school to copy the newspaper the grade 6’s wrote only to find it could not be done as there was no paper left… Journey middle school was built and the new library had no books because the budget could not afford it. PAC and the librarian spent many years fundraising for books for the students to borrow.

    One day a couple of years ago, I was helping my sister do a mother’s day project with her class. I entered this new school and was shocked at all the extra’s this school had, instruments costumes a room for musicals with a stage and all the lights…. I was reeling. I asked my sister how a new school had so much and her reply… “we have an active PAC.” I was in total shock as for so many years that I did fundraising, I was in a community with lower incomes but never realized that through PAC’s in “affluent” areas, kids got more. I am still sad about this… public education should be the same for all.

    It is time to refund the whole way we do education funding. Not funding as per tax base and economic status… lower income school areas should receive the same basic education as our higher income areas.

    It is time for us to really press the government for reform! Now teachers are asked to do individual programs for classes and are given very little support.

    I am fed up with the children of the rich/income elite getting a better education than now, my grandchildren! I still see the same things going on a generation later. Tis truly sad.