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VIDEO: Compared to THIS, the Sooke highway is breezy easy! — 9 Comments

  1. Sooke road is fantastic, I really have no clue how people wipe out on that road other than pure stupidity in one form or another.

  2. The maintenance of Sooke road far exceeds what most of Canada would consider normal. There are some minor potholes that can easily be avoided and patch jobs are done year round and quickly and the road is kept clean of debris. Most of rural/suburban Canada deals with frost heaved dirty roads with the occasional rim wrecking pothole that if you don’t drive around will do damage.

  3. Yes it’s not bad just lots of curves that people like to straighten out by crossing the centre line. Also bad that residents will stop in the road to make a left hand turn backing up traffic at rush hour. Pull over and cross when it’s safe! People end up in the ditch trying to get around. Oh ya, and don’t get me started on bad logging truck drivers.

  4. I love the drive home! So scenic. If you dont speed like a maniac and actually pay attention while driving…then you have nothing to worry about.