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Video: Mother of sick child confronts BC Minister of Health — 1 Comment

  1. my heart goes out to this family. Clearly the BC government has the duty to provide reasonably-priced drugs to residents, such as sourcing the lowest-costs from drug manufacturers. I think it’s unfortunate the parents have not looked into homeopathic and naturopathic medicines to treat this boy. Big Agra foods are jam-packed with chemicals pesticides additives GMOs etc. which do not provide nutrition but instead cause a variety of illnesses. Big Pharma drugs are not in my informed opinion medicine, and are also filled with chemicals additives pesticides GMOs and more. The resulting combination of chemical “food” and chemical “medicine” results in an increasing amount of people with severely compromised immune systems. The boy has an auto-immune disease which indicates his system is so overwhelmed by chemicals, and additives in vaccines such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde that it can no longer function and is attacking itself.
    From their own website, this drug “canakinumab” has severe life-threatening side effects, and I believe it will do way more harm than good.

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