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Want fewer bears put down? Manage your garbage, pick your fruit! — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe just stop killing them…if you let them be they will wonder on and find the fish and berries they want than go back to the forest for the winter season…its that simple.

  2. I was reading an article the other night that cited a report that concluded that the black bear population has tripled since the early 1900s in BC and I got to wondering that maybe it’s a combination that we’re encroaching into their habitat, which is certainly true, but also that their population has outgrown said habitat. Sadly, the links to the studies the article cited were broken so I wasn’t able to look at them (being the responsible internet user that I am who attempts to fact check).

  3. Agree, it helps to not have smelly garbage/compost out. However, I lived in Sooke for over 20 years before I even saw a bear here, nor did I see Deer in my yard regularly. Yet for the last few years bears have come through the yard in the spring and fall often. I’ve seen anger from people blaming residents for attractants, so in those 20+ years no-one ever left those out? It couldn’t have anything to do with development, logging and noise? I just wish the killing would stop.

  4. There is no justification, that humans have as a species, to kill another species because we cannot control our need for more land and encroach upon another species habitat.