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Weekly blasts from Sequim, WA, from PA&E explained — 44 Comments

  1. Interesting info. I actually felt/heard a blast today (Thurs. Jan 5th/17). They usually do blasting on Thursdays. I looked on Google Earth and looked up Sequim and it approximately 145 kms “as the crow flies” away from us. It is amazing that we hear them blasting. Mind you when Mt. St. Helen’s erupted and blew her top we heard that all the way up here.

    • Wow, 145 km? I live about 20 klicks away and the blasts shake my house good. Do it out in the desert away from people, over a half million folks live within 30 km of the blasts. the ocean may absorb it on the Canada side, but I feel it in the ground on this side. BS but it will not change

  2. as one of the people who receives weekly notices from PA&E, provides the Shirley community’s email minder with their notices for posting, and has several times contacted our local MLA and MPs, as well letters to the editor, and about the Whidbey Island US Navy Growler jets disrupting life on our side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca as well, all to no avail, I cannot ask more strongly for people who experience the booms and shaking from the blasting to please speak up and share your experiences; and if you have frustration and anger and fear of property damage, like propane tanks being damaged, your input is critical. It is entirely unfair that Southern Vancouver Island is forced to endure the actions of US corporations and military in Washington State. Will anyone in Canada, an elected official or government employee, make an effort to put a stop to this? If we all speak up maybe something will change and we can live here in peace instead of weekly fear. Thank you in advance.

  3. Thank you for your info Helene. I never even thought of the propane tanks I use for my older mobile home here in Sooke & the trailer itself. It is not on a foundation. The wheels are set on blocks on the ground. When a blast occurs the whole mobile shakes & I hear the explosion. I have a wall in my kitchen with a collection of plates & they rattle & move a lot. I worry too about our Southern Resident orca whales. Orcas are very sensitive whether it be air, water or whatever. They depend on echo location for communication & finding food. I know what you mean too about those military jets. They make a horrible, disturbing & rumbling noise when they fly over & often so low. What do I ask for from PA&E regarding weekly notices from them?

    • Hi Mona, I guess you can email Cheri Detty and describe just what you have here, and ask if you could be sent a notice so you can try to be at home in case of a worst-case scenario. Best of luck and thank you for your nice comments! Cheers, Helene

  4. Thanks for the information Britt, I had wondered what the cause was, pretty interesting stuff. Thanks also to the two nutters above for giving me a morning chuckle.

  5. there has been actual property damage as a result of PA&E’s blasting shock waves including the collapse of a barn. If any of your readers choose to ignore the actual dangers created by this foreign company which affects us on a weekly basis, you’re entitled to your opinion, but to characterize concerned residents as “nutters” is really offensive. Many people in Shirley have taken note of increased US commercial airline and US Navy supersonic jet traffic over our heads. Now that Pres-Elect Trump will be recalling all US ambassadors who got their appointments via the Clinton/Obama pay-2-play set-up according to Wikileaks and other reliable sources (a practive PM Trudeau has recently been accused of as well) perhaps the next US Ambassador to Canada will respect Canadian sovereignty and our right to not have US activities threaten our building foundations year in and year out no matter how “nice” are the company reps.

  6. The collapse of a barn? Wow, maybe downed power lines too, I mean you just never know.

  7. I live between Sequim and Port Angeles. My home shakes with the blasts. I do not believe it is only through the air. I do not have a direct corridor through the air, there are a lot of hills and trees between me and diamond point. I live 50 feet from the eroding bluff, exasperating the situation. they should do this out in the desert somewhere, not here. in my opinion

  8. With all the land the USA has that isn’t near populated areas they choose an area that will irritate a neight or. Where is the logic in that?

  9. Has anyone contacted the TV media yet? Chek 6 or maybe a radio on CFAX? I hate the booms and just imagine what it does to the wild life. Another point of intrest may be to find out how these booms effect anyone with PTSD. I would be very interested to hear from some VETS and hear what they experience and on any celebration that involves fireworks. Sounded like I was sitting in Allepo on New Years!

  10. Funny, I live two miles due North of the facility on Diamond Point, and have never heard their blasts in the two years I’ve lived here. Must be atmospherics altering the sound wave propagation. To us, they are quiet neighbors.

  11. 4 or 5 deep rumblings, lasting about 10 seconds each and 10 seconds apart, were felt Monday, March 20, 2017, at about 10:30am, on the hill SE of Sequim. We’re at about 600′ elevation more or less above the Casino on Sequim Bay. About 5 miles as the crow flies from Pac Aero. We *never* hear explosions here, but do often feel deep rumblings. Whether that’s seismic or air effects shaking the house, I don’t know. Only to say that we feel it here in the house, infrequently.

    Felt again, just now, at 10:51am – lasted 20+ seconds this time, slightly less intense than before. regarding cloud theory – it’s overcast this morning.

  12. The blasts actually happen near Joyce, Washington, about 20 miles west of Port Angeles. Maybe why Sooke feels it directly across the Strait.