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What causes crashes, and how do we know? — 7 Comments

  1. This person does not come right out and say that it is speed that is the culprit for these accidents, only that it is a contributing factor in some. Hmmm…is there also going to be a fine for persons driving excessively slow between the decided upon waypoints? Will there also be some form of clemency for those that speed between the points on perhaps an emergency run that is life or death if the person needs immediate medical attention? I know for a fact that people still speed in time controlled speed zones because I have heard people speak about how they sped through the timed area then pulled off for a coffee just before the end to let the time catch up to them. Then there are the costs of this cash cow for start up, that’s if it has not already been implemented…and I believe it has already been trialed on the Malahat. My vote is “Absolutely Not in favour” because I do not see any benefits to be gained.

  2. There is no evidence gathered by correct scientific method that such a delayed response to suspected or alleged violations of traffic laws results in any change in driver behaviour. Point to Point cameras with delayed ticketing have never been shown to save lives. 100% cash grab.

    • Whoa whoa whoa, lets not muddy these waters with facts and science here…. “Statistics” and “logic” have no place in any online discussion such as this!

      Let us try and keep this conversion to peoples “feelings,” as we all know ‘Karen from Ladysmith,’ who drives 10km/h under the limit in the left lane while going up the Malahat is the world’s preeminent authority on “crazy people driving the Malahat” and the ludicrous speeds they are traveling.