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When your town doesn’t have a hospital near by, it’s a long drive for cancer treatment — 8 Comments

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your illness, but your right we do need a medical clinic here in Sooke, we certainly have the population for it and yes I have driven the road since 1980 and agree with Kimberley, I too worked down by Fairfield also took 45 minutes, then moved over to Helmcken Hospital and it took 45 minutes just to get home from their

    • Larry McCafferty Larry, your realistic positive attitude is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you!

      I (hopefully) look forward to your logical (and very appreciative) attitude around these Sooke FB discussion pages!

  2. We can’t even get a clinic that is open reasonable hours. All the political bluster in the CRD isn’t going to make the Vancouver island health authority put a hospital in sooke anytime soon without an exponentially higher growth rate; which would likely give all the people who insist that sooke stay a small sleepy town with three traffic lights a heart attack. Ironic?

  3. …. Sorry to hear about your illness – but happy that you took me along for the ride! I’ve now learned a new way to get to the Royal Jubilee 🙂 I will admit, after the stop for groceries and then with all the bright lights on the way home, I did have to close my eyes. Guess I fell asleep because you missed my stop to drop me off in Otter Point … haha

  4. Larry – I’m no longer a colon, I am now a semi-colon:) Fastest poop in the west:) Colon cancer can be beaten (stage 3) you just have to manage it, not have it manage you. Is it Sooke, or is it Forsooken? My wife & I plan to reconnoitre the area in the next few weeks (Prestige Inn). Don’t let them kill off all of your white blood cells!! Roland in Surrey B.C.