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Wild Wise Sooke reminds SUNRIVER residents to store garbage indoors and manage attractions — 11 Comments

  1. Yes I was all with doing the right thing for the bears so they wouldn’t be killed by the conservation people. We keep our garbage inside and are quick to pick our apples and fruit. We have built secure enclosures for our animals but still the bear came and killed and mangled our gentle, loving lamb. I wonder how many passive family pets have been killed by a single bear? I don’t want to sound like we should kill all the bears but groups like Wild Wise just blaming the residents without a plan for removing a vicious bear just isn’t working. We reported the kill but no one came out or seemed to care if the bear killed again. And yes we are on the Sooke River just across from Sun River.

    • Wild Wise Sooke is an educational program. Our goal is to keep wildlife wild and our community safe. We promote and teach coexistence -Attraction management. As we live in a community that shares the landscape with wildlife we can learn to coexist!
      So what can people do to help keep bears away? The best advice is to keep all garbage securely stored in doors. Walk around your property to ensure you have nothing thats is an attractant…smelly stuff, no bird seed, dog food or feed. Other bear attractants include pet food, bird feeders, and barbecues.

      Wild Wise Sooke recommends that residents — particularly those who live in problem areas — use electric fencing to protect livestock and chickens, use bird feeders only in the winter months, feed pets indoors, and make sure barbecues are kept clean and odour free. No garbage left outdoors.
      If bear access these attractions they become habituated!!!
      “Before this program started many bears were destroyed in Sooke and that (number) in the last 6 years has dropped down 75%. So, there has definitely been some measurable improvements with this education program.
      Relocation is not successful and a inhumane approach to wildlife management
      Conservation officer quote… Theses bears are euthanized due to habituation and the chronic problems we have with bears in this area, caused by poor garbage management, access to bird seed, livestock and chickens, fruit trees and compost. This is on the community 100%.
      If you have a bear in your space the first thing to do is ask yourself ” what am I doing to attract this bear”. Second is to contact Wild Wise Sooke. We will assist in identifying attractions and how to manage them.
      We are an educational program ! Sooke can learn to Coexsist with wildlife! Be Bear Wise

  2. yep, that’s been the most popular spot for bears since long before the development. They should tell you that when you by a home, “congrats on your purchase! FYI we built your house on a bear home so if you see them wandering around it’s just cause you’re in their spot. No need to freak out and write letters to the editor.”

  3. Yup that bear is here year round. Has a den on demaniel creek right behind us. Get use to it and deal with your garbage. My co worker has had enough cleaning up the garbage that is dragged off into the bushes onto there farm

  4. I live in Sun river. All of my neighbours are very responsible with there garbage. It would be great if the garbage men shut and secured the lids , instead of letting them flap open all day on garbage day. People are at work all day. Please stop targeting all Sun river residents and get too the real source of the problem. We are very very aware of the bears in this area and are very respectful of them . If there are any irresponsible people here it is few and far between.