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Witnesses wanted in 10-person altercation — 26 Comments

    • Yes, Im surprised that all the Sooke weapons lovers aren’t posting that it isn’t illegal to own steel pipes, baseball bats and knives, like they did when the last batch of losers got their guns taken away. Sooke landlords should do some criminal record checks before renting.

  1. Live theatrical performance of “the outsiders” rumble scene on Ayre Rd! Is this wrong that I’m laughing about this? Such asinine and adolescent behaviour. It makes me wonder what kind of results these people expected out of this. “We have bats and pipes and brass knuckles, they’ll move out peacefully for sure!”

  2. What is happening to our town?? Sooke used to be a good place to live & raise children.

  3. With all due respect to new tenants, perhaps leaving this for the landlord and/or RCMP to begin with would have been better. I admit that I am only going by information given here. The new tenants should not have to deal with this. Very sad and scary too that this has happened in our quaint town.

  4. Something needs to be done about the housing crisis in Sooke. Things will only get worse. This is a government issue — Council and the Mayor need to address. For starters, a tax on vacant properties — any that are vacant for 3 months or more — should be imposed. The BC government has approved this tax, and other Mayors such as Lisa Helps of Victoria are on the wagon with it already. She recognizes the lack of affordable housing is a huge issue, and will only get worse, leading to social problems. Victoria is on the issue already — why isn’t Sooke?